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Taken from fansee...

who I am told actually reads the Sunday New York Times cover to cover, posted the following two final paragraphs of an article, written by Hisman Matar, titled Books Can Take You Places Donald Trump Doesn’t Want You to Go.

'Doubt and contradictions are not tolerated in Mr. Trump's life; but, of course, they are there -- as they are in every life -- no matter how deeply concealed. You can see it in the tragic air that never leaves him, in the rhythm of his steps, the lines sculpted into his face, the rigidity of his neck as he signs those wretched executive orders. Yes, doubt must be there because he is not only intolerant of complexity; he fears it.

What false vigor then must demonizing and excluding millions of innocent people based on their race and religion inspire. And just like the censor who underestimates the common reader, Mr. Trump too has a limited interpretation of himself and therefore of humanity. And just like the censor, his actions will damage the fiber of his society because, in the long run, the lasting damage falls on the one doing the excluding more than those being excluded.'

The entire article can be found here.

Thank you fansee :)

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