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Defenders of Wildlife 2017 Photo Contest in 1 & 1/2 minutes
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I am NOT a wildlife photographer. Going amazing places and having much patience are sort of necessary and neither of those qualities apply well to me. So, consequently, I have much admiration and respect for those photographers who do go to amazing places and who do have the patience to take stunning photos.

From: YouTube Defenders of Wildlife


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I get their magazine, and am always amazed at some of the photos presented. I especially love when it's time to pick a winner of their photography contest. So many photos! I have to go along with which one won, though I also really liked then with the bison.

That photograph was an excellent choice!

I envy wildlife photographers. They travel a lot, see wonderful things, and have amazing experiences. I wish... But the reality is I wouldn't even be in shape enough to visit those places.

Right? If only I'd known when I was young that such a thing was even a career possibility how different life might have been!

Wow, these are some great pics! :)

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