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Glorious Vintage-Inspired Posters of America's National Parks
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From: Atlas Obscura
The new posters pay homage to the 1930s originals.

America’s national parks have been enthralling visitors for over a century. The very first park to be established was Yellowstone, which was described by Ferdinand Hayden in his 1871 survey as a ”land of wondrous beauty.” There are now 58 national parks around the U.S., covering an astonishingly diverse 84 million acres of land. It’s not hard to understand why some ambitious tourists make the effort to visit every single one of them.

Want to see more lovely lovely posters. Go here.

Also, from Mental Floss_A weekly show where knowledge junkies get their fix of trivia-tastic information. This week, John takes a look at some of America's great National Parks!


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These are very similar to the four postcards put out by the National Wildlife Federation of four posters from the National Park Service from the 30s. But the postcards are of the actual 30s posters. I liked them so much that I had them framed, all in a row in one frame.

I love that 30s style too. I bet your postcards look lovely all framed up.

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