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snagged from jittrbugg

A year in review: From your journal, copy and paste the first sentence/paragraph from the first entry from every month of the year.
I did the title and the first paragraph -- gaeln

In looking over the posts for this meme, I could almost imagine this had been a very good year for me and not, in fact, the hardest of my life. The story I reposted in June was the last thing I've been able to write and that kind of scares me. It'll be good when 2007 is finished, I can only imagine 2008 will be a little easier, it kind of has to be.

their gift of always
Since we can repost now for the qaf_giftxchnge I thought I would. This was written for aimee_br and is my very first short story anywhere. She requested a fic wih Brian, Justin and Gus at Britin before or during Christmas with snow and all that goes along with that which was a little hard for me since I've never experienced a white Christmas but I gave it a shot.
I had the best beta in shadownyc thank you again.
Their Gift of Always )

what tarot card am I?

memed from adrtylilsecret I kind of like his better.
The other memeing thingie said I was from the future so...yeah. Personally, I think the music says it all but...not really.
You are The Moon

Go check out the bj_icontest winners
it's Challenge 21


may (the only post)
reposting from the what if qaf_challenge
Title: The Window of My Mind
Written By: gaeln
Timeline: Post 513
What if:
Justin was there
Justin as silent observer so, consequently, heavy on Justin’s inner thoughts and light on actual dialog but it's fairly short and vaguely AU.
Author's Notes: Maybe this ‘what if’ has been done to death but I’ve only read one so…thanks once again to the lovely shadownyc for betaing for me.
( To the story )

(not sure when actually written)
reposting from the qaf_giftxchnge
I guess it's alright to do this now.
GIFT: Just a Singer in a Local Punk Band
TO: tamalinn
AUTHOR: gaeln
WARNING: angst-ish & original male character
SUMMARY: “He let it go. Maybe not his best decision, because in the singer could be found the rest of it…maybe even the heart of it really, but Brian did what he thought was right at the time.”
AUTHOR’S NOTES: tamalinn’s alternate choice was a fic that was post 513, wherein B/J break-up, they‘re sad, Justin starts seeing someone but, after a while, they get back together. I did something kind of like that. Thanks shadowy, once again

a request
so that I -- meaning we, of course -- can more
happily -- meaningfully -- throughly
celebrate that wondrous day
thirty-eight years ago,
when Mr. Harold was born...

we got our simpson's avatars

and so can you

right here

icon meme
Snagged from elyxer...and reposted finally.

thank you!!
So just when I'm really starting to feel all snarky and bitchy and
why the hell am I bothering with

(only post)
voice post

VoicePost Help


since she makes_finds_whatever all the pretties for us
Glitter Text -
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