gaeln (gaeln) wrote,

Two for the price of one

I think, as these periodically come along, I'll post them here because they really are speedy yet full of information about ISS!
NASA.jpg From: YouTube NASA Johnson:
SpeedyTime #7 - Minus Eighty Degrees Laboratory Freezer for ISS

Cutting-edge science is on the daily menu on board the International Space Station, but where do the astronauts store their lab results before they’re shipped back to Earth? In one of a dozen large freezers, of course: in this SpeedyTime segment, Expedition 52 flight engineer Jack Fischer shines a light on the MELFI, Minus Eighty Degrees Laboratory Freezer for ISS.

SpeedyTime 8 - Space Photography

Even though it’s zooming along at five miles a second, the International Space Station provides a great vantage point for photography of the Earth from 250 miles overhead. In this SpeedyTime segment recorded just before his return to Earth, Expedition 52 flight engineer Jack Fischer shows off some of the station’s “picture windows” and introduces the crew of Expedition 53 who talk about their reasons for spending time with their cameras pointed toward home.

Tags: #7, nasa, space, speedytime, videos
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