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NASA, you rock!!
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I put my earbuds in, narrowed my vision to only this vid, and, by the end, had tears in my eyes. This rendition of Sounds of Silence is powerful, the images of our beautiful fragil home overwhelming.

NASA.jpg From NASA Johnson: “Sharing the incomparable silent beauty of our planet with all our fellow travelers on this, our Spaceship Earth.” @SergeyISS @Astro_Paolo @Astrokomrade

“Our thanks to Mr. Paul Simon and Disturbed. The Sound of Silence” Written by Paul Simon. SONGS OF UNIVERSAL, INC. on behalf of PAUL SIMON MUSIC. Performed by Disturbed. Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records.”

“Our thanks to all the people within the partnership of the International Space Station who show us daily what heights we can achieve together. Captured by astronauts Sergey Ryazanskiy, Paolo Nespoli, and Commander Randy Bresnik, the video features stunning footage of Earth and outer space from the International Space Station in low-earth orbit during the months of August through October in 2017."


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Isn't David Draiman's vocal absolutely amazing? He does such a powerful rendition of the song. Tx for the beautiful video!

Absolutely amazing! And NASA does seem especially good at marrying space station photography and video with excellent music :)I'm so glad you enjoyed!

I was very affected by this. I'd never have seen it without your post. Thank you.

You are very welcome. So happy that you were also moved by this.

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