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The Year of New Species
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This has been, in so many ways, a shit year, one of seemingly constant disappointment in people, in what they do, in what they believe they should be able or allowed to do, just in anything trumpian at all.
          Still, many continue to explore and create and amaze. So, on that note, please take a look at just a few, of the possibly 1 to 2 million undiscovered species of the animal, plant, sea creature & flowers, that were discovered in 2017.

To explore, follow this link to Atlas Obscura


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What a gorgeous little bird! So glad that they found it, and what an encouraging thought, that we are still finding new species. Such a change from the news of our losing so many.

What a beautiful bird! Thanks for sharing. I agree it was a bit of a crap year. >:(

You are welcome! To better times although I don't hold out much hope :)

I have been looking at the link for teh last couple of days - fascinating. Thank you.

Glad you found the information interesting :) I can't help but wonder what else is still out there.

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