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Weekend Before Last...

...we attended, once again, The Silicon Valley Auto Show in downtown San Jose at the McEnery Convention Center. Should you actually bother clicking on the link, I just want to say that while I really enjoy this place, I really can't abide the mosaic on its front. Still, we had a terrific time and I even managed to take a couple of photos so, thought I'd post them here.

Signage out front & a pretty custom car. I always feel a little guilty loving these obviously obsessed-over cars people doll-up, spending stunning amounts of money doing so. But the craft, oh man, the craft is amazing. This is one of the quieter of the 20 or so examples :)

I always try to do this, catch a photo of the fam walking away, they are to the left with David in front with Aaron behind. We are on our way to the Spaghetti Factory where, thankfully, we had reservations because there was a 90 minute wait otherwise. And across the street from McEnery is the The City National Civic Center where conventions took place prior to McEnery being built in 1989. Built in 1936, in that ubiquitous California Spanish-mission style, it was recently and beautifully renovated. Lovely day!

And sure, you might say, that's all fine and good our finding out about your Weekend Before Last but what about last weekend itself? What fun did you guys have last weekend? Well, we say, we saw The Post at our local theater and so so fine a film it is. Streep & Hanks...just damn!
Trailer below ya'all! We highly recommend.

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