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Updating the mission #9_January 2018

I used to do a lot more photography that I would then post here, photos of random stuff that caught my eye, and photos for documentation, those that story-tell about our lives. And I really want to get back into doing that.
          The first kind come as they come but the second kind I can control a bit more by including them as part of these monthly mission updates which I hope, like last year, to continue this year. This will be my 9th year participating, if only on my own, in the 101 Tasks in 10001 Days Challenge except I changed it to 101 Tasks in 1 Year Challenge as I found it extremely difficult to hold my attention over what amounts to an almost 3 year timeframe.

          My newest 101 Tasks List can be found here with already some black, meaning not done, tasks turning blue,meaning DONE!!

Ten tasks that have now turned BLUE
15 through 19_Redo COOKBOOK
20_Divide week by day into 'types for COOKBOOK
I am painfully organized, why is another post entirely, often introducing then abandoning new 'ways of doing things' but not always. Sometimes I just improve upon them as with my Cookbook.
          As a mission task several years ago, I went through and got rid of my many many cookbooks, saving only those recipes that I though I might actually one day use. I like shiny objects and, having worked at a bookstore for many years, ended up buying too too many books all full of pretty photos and ingredients I'd never heard of. That Whole Foods had never even heard of. So, say bye bye.
          Then a couple of years after that, also as a mission task, I input ALL of the handwritten, xeroxed, torn from magazines and etc. recipes we'd collected making, finally, my own cookbook. Which, honestly contained almost only the recipes of family and friends. When choosing to type it all out, I found I got a little harsh in deciding what to keep and what to get rid of.
          This mission has brought yet another iteration. First, as can be seen in the right photo, Aaron and I spent a lot of time, a couple of hours maybe, making Meal Days...Monday Big Salads, Thursday Meatless and so on. I then set up the Table of Contents based on The Meal Days plus some other stuff and THEN input everything, again, according to the new categories and new recipe formatting that I find much easier to use than traditional formatting. This has taken a great deal of time. A GREAT deal of time. But it is done.
          Also in the right photo is my grocery shopping list because I resent very much having to go to the grocery more then once, maybe twice, a week. I used to try and remember it all. I laugh now at my foolishness. Plus we create a weekly menu that we all, but mainly I, add to. Once in a while, Daiv will say, 'How about Sujullo?' and I will say, 'Adding it to next week's menu, hon'. Easy like that :)

 40_PURCHASE Wacom Bamboo Fun Drawing Tablet
It's one of these
so that, along with the Corel Paint program I got for Christmas, I can learn to draw using the computer. I've done Fine Art but not illustration using my laptop.
68_Across the Room
Okay, this is ridiculous but for the sheer joy of it, I going back through some of my fanfic-y/ slash, the one above being my-own-universe-slash not fanfic, stories and reworking them. This is at once so fun and a little sad because I kind of miss fandom, sometimes wishing, like many were able to, that I could have found another when QAF started fading away. But alas, no. I'm a one fandom kind of girl and any future stories, should there be any, will alight in my own verse :)
79 to 80_ORGANIZE yahoo; facebook; twitter; Livejournal; Dreamwidth

I have a couple of ongoing tasks I have photos for so, indulge me please.
          First, one task is to bake/ make special  treats now and then, I think twice per quarter so, 1 out of 8 done! The photo shows Malt-O-Meal muffins, filled with tiny bits of chocolate, tucked nicely behind some fruit.

And finally, last year's mission had me making my wardrobe a bit more grown-up as in wearing pants other than jeans or shoes other than Vans which I now do. So this year, I want to add in some personality.
Hence these two photos:
          On the left is an actually actual 1970s sweater that I think will look terrific with the chocolate brown trouser jeans I already have, but that Aaron has serious doubts about, asking, 'Haven't we decided that the 70s was THE worst decade in the history of mankind for fashion/' 'Well, sure', I retort, 'but I'm telling ya, man, I can make it work.'
          And on the right is the silver satin-lined, made with soda can pop-tops handbag that brings just the right note of whimsy I'm looking for. Aaron agrees. David could care less.

And so it goes.

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