gaeln (gaeln) wrote,

So, last Saturday...

...was my bookclub, something I've been involved with now for nearly 20 years, 18 to be exact, a realization of time that I find stunning. I've moved around a lot and have never before been anywhere long enough to be involved with anything for nearly 20 years.
          Normally, we meet at a local restaurant of a Saturday morning some six weeks after we last met ostensibly to discuss the book we've read, in this case Seinfeldia, and we do...some. But mainly it's good food-good friends time. Last Saturday, instead, we met at Eileen's lovely home to paint rocks which we will then distribute, next time, around a little town near here called Campbell where, as a town project, people paint rocks, distribute them around and then, other people find them, taking them home to decorate their gardens.
          The original photo has Janelle, me, Elizabeth, Cindy, and Eileen poising before our rocks.
          The second Eileen snapchatted up :)
          The third is our rocks taking their close-up.

What fun!!

Tags: friends, making life nicer, the love

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