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Belated Friday Five

Would you rather

shop // sunbathe
Shop any day assuming I have at least a little money. I never sunbath as I am one of those very blonde people who shouldn't even be out without a hat which, of course, I always am. Sunscreen though, I always wear sunscreen.

dance // sing
I am also tone-deaf and will only sing when forced which, since everyone knows I'm tone-deaf, I never am. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE to dance. Dancing is how I understand music.

watch college football // watch NFL
Neither but if forced, the NFL

write // read
Both. I refuse to choose. Although I admit to reading more than writing

chat online with friends // hang out with friends
Both. Each fulfills a different need. Chatting with online friends is less immediate but I am thoughtful in my responses. Chatting with RL friends is more immediate but can be exhausting energy-wise


If you want to do the meme, you can grab the original copy here.

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