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Updating the mission #9_February 2018

Journey to my original post where not much Uncompleted Black at all has turned Completed Blue but progress is made of a sort.

53_SET-UP 4 Drawings w/ paper
     I know what my next four drawings, my yearly goal, are going to be. I have a series I'd like to do and have the paper and media all ready to go and can clearly see the images in my mind, a combining of contrasting realities. The thing is to actually start, the hard part really.

         Instead, I've been working in my sketch journal, doing my version of fairly complete doodles, one per page, that are adding to my repertoire of how to draw. I finished one of these last year and hope to do the same this year.

65_Caught in the Light of His Eyes

66_Everyone Who Mattered to Them Was There
     These two are a part of my embracing of nostalgia, a longing for a simpler time, re-reading and re-editing some of my old stories. I miss, so much miss, writing but am uninclined at the moment to start anything new so, doing this will have to suffice. And so far it has :)

Otherwise, I fairly well stayed on track with my weekly and monthly Ongoing Red tasks so, February was okay. Not great but okay.

I do have a couple of random photos to offer up about cooking/ baking since that is a main task for this year, the task being to actually get myself to like cooking since doing so is something I pretty much consistently have to do and have never cared for.

Above was for Seafood Wednesday. The shrimp could have been a bit more golden but otherwise, this meal was very good and the only one I remembered to take a photo of all month :)
Below for the goal: Bake twice per month_my father's recipe for brownies which were a hit.

And finally, a photo Aaron asked me to take from, obviously, the TV which he claims, sadly and rightly so, is indicative of our American times.

Le sigh

Tags: making life nicer, mission101_9, photography, the system's broken

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