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Updating the mission #9_March 2018

Update-wise, I've got nothing for March. I completed a single task, one about finding a mantra which I have. Memorizing it which I have. And using it which I have been sort of, kind of. Still and all, I'm counting #35 as done.

So mainly this is a photo post, a sad one for me, about the dying of a tree, my beautiful courtyard flowering plum. It's demise began with the dying of a branch a couple of years ago which led to the dying of several branches last year which lead in this sadness this year.

First photo is what it should have looked like a couple of weeks ago.
           Second is what it looked like the day we had it removed.

The third photo is what we should have, a lovely leafed-out plum.
          The fourth photo is what we do have, emptiness. BTW the plant in the first photo is now taller than me! It was the stress of the drought, that brought some kind of boring bug, which did it in. Problem is, the bug attacks all trees, except some citrus, so time was of the essence before the problem spread. I'll update this later when something new, and smaller, has been planted :)

On a happier note, Aaron delighted because we are cooking up his Grandma Lucy's fat little corn fritters which we eat with chili :)

Tags: #35, mission101_9, photography

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