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2018 Mission101

2018 MISSION101_68 /100 TASKS Completed

While I have been doing my own version of mission101, 101 tasks in 365 days instead of the usual 1001 days, for several years now with pretty good sucess completing most of my tasks in the alloted time, this year not so much.

This year in summer my husband, David, retired and my world turned upside down. This retirement wasn't unexpected, just strongly denied until the last possible moment. So, instead of focusing on what I had thought to focus on I, instead, found myself prepping my dear home for sale, a necessity completed at the beginning of December. We did good in California but not good enough to retire there comfortably and so, we move on.

After a month long trek, photos to come, through the south of the United States, down California to Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, we finally arrived here in Florida a couple of weeks ago.

Below what was done for 2018. Please note the fairly large amount of yardwork. I would include a couple of photos but I'm having issues trying to do so using my phone :(

2_Project_8 BOOKCLUB Books

6_Project_36 BOOKS

1_Project_100 MOVIES

1_Project_PAINT_Hallway bathroom5_Project_Redo COOKBOOK

1_Divide week by day into 'types

2_Project_Update CLOTHING Book


4_Project_ 4 Corners of PARKING

3_Project_DRIVEWAY Strip

5_Project_Pack-Up Office

1_Project_Sort QAF material

1_Project_Organize metal file & scrapbooking folder

1_Project_Check about plates

3_Project_Organize & pack closet


2_READ 5 Art-related Books

1_EDIT_Jaxon & Matthew_2014_Some Enchanted Evening
1_EDIT_Jaxon & Jamie_2018_Caught in the Light of His Eyes
1_EDIT_ALDEN_03_Ethan Is...& Golden Watchman_series
1_EDIT_ALDEN_07_Everyone Who Mattered to Them Was There
1_EDIT_ALDEN_01_2018_Braedon Matthews
1_EDIT_Across the Room_Experimental
1_EDIT_One Long & Delicate Golden Brown Curl
1_EDIT_Jonny & Evan__Even Those Rules Given Down by the Gods

1_EDIT Aaron's JOURNAL for 2017
2_Print and put in binder

2_ORGANIZE yahoo; facebook; twitter; Livejournal; Dreamwidth

5_Project_COURT Yard Renovation

2_Project_FRONT Yard





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