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The Legend of the Kissing Drabble challenge

It all began, or so the legend goes, when judith plumduff challenged alex adrtylilsecret to write for her a drabble.
But not just any drabble, mind you...for her, not just any kind would do.
For this challenge only a kissing drabble would meet her that would make her swoon.
After intense concentration, alex adrtylilsecret skillfully met her challenge with not one BUT two most sensuous drabbles...
Kissed & Like This

And so was born, from what is know, the Kissing Drabble Challenge.

Next it was Rena elyxer, challenged by alex adrtylilsecret -- her bother_friend -- to write a drabble on the same theme.
Rena elyxer, being the minstrel she is, took up his challenge most beautifully with...
Just Kiss Me

I read and most heartily agreed with the praise bestowed upon them each and to show my thanks, and after the fashion of others who inspired me, I gave back by commenting with my own unworthy contribution to alex adrtylilsecret.
He generously suggested I post my attempt publicly offering...

And He Waits
Quick glances exchanged across the crowded room...unknown to each other yet wanted, already needed. His tongue sweeps, caresses the curve of his invitation, intoxication and I am mesmerized but I also know not yet...not quite yet. He smiles a soft smile...understanding, he lowers his eyes and time slows, swelling into a bubble of hope and desire...surrounding us, translucent and real. I imagine, can almost feel how yielding, how adoring his mouth will be when I take him to me And I know, when his gaze finds me again, I am his. I cross the room slowly...and he waits.

Whether there are more to be found or not, I cannot know...only hope.

And who next will take-up the Kissing Drabble Challenge thereby keeping its inspiration from disappearing from us into the distant mists of time, waits to be seen.
Tags: personal_story_experiments
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