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All so sweet, my friends

First, I want to thank all the wonderful ladies who've sent me Holiday cards -- Brit lastglances - Suz suzvoy - Robin snowmore - Carolyn shadownyc  (special thanks for the inspiring magnet)- Jeannie herefordroad  and Nancy fansee . Cards came from everywhere - Pennsylvania - Arizona - Connecticut - Canada - Utah and the United Kingdom.

Secondly, thank you so much Fran galesweetie  for the virtual gift of Mistletoe...kisses and holiday wishes right back to you my friend..

And lastly, I want to send a special thank you to Jeannie herefordroad  for the beautiful hummingbird Christmas ornament she sent me. It's hand-made by a local artist where she lives and will always have a place of honor on any of my future Christmas trees.

It's all so very good.

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