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tagged by snowmore_Robin

A. list five habits/quirks/facts about yourself
B. tag five people to do the same

One: to earn money in college I was an art model in the same department and for the same teachers and with the same students I took classes with. It was a wonderful experience and, yeah, there are bronzes and oils of me out there somewhere. I have a couple of the pastels from teachers.

Two: I talk with my hands, people imply that I must have Italian in me but, sadly, no...I'm English, Welsh and German.

Three: I find hetero love stories BOR...ING, I can only read gay now and only then if they're NOT really just hetero love stories with two guys. I probably own every gay teen coming-of-age story Barnes&Noble sells. Yeah, that's right, I like 'em young which is probably more a quirk then a fact realizing that gay teen coming-of-age stories at B&N don't have much sex.
As a side note: Lauren collects Shonen Ai which means boy love and are boy with boy manga stories...the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree.

Four: I have a very easy way of doing the grocery shopping list which makes it so Lauren and I can do all of it...planning the week's meal's, shopping and putting everything away in less then two hours and only once a week. I DO NOT like grocery shopping.

Five: I've come close, on more then one occasion, to leaving this fandom because of Ethan Gold, aka 'the fiddler'. I've a lot of trouble understanding the nearly universal hate, especially as expressed by people I otherwise respect, of him and have become very protective of him. Realizing how completely polar I am in how I see him has made me question if I really belong here. And yet.

I will tag
galesweetie, seanmegansean, adrtylilsecret, fansee, and lastglances. Come play.


Jan. 22nd, 2008 05:42 pm (UTC)
But were from BK so we are related by borough
I'll let him know I've found him a new 'borough cousin'.

DUMBO stands for something like
Down Under the Manhattan(Brooklyn) Bridge Overpass

I should have know that, I really should have. how far's it from where you are? is Brooklyn huge or something? I have heard of Brooklyn Heights. that's where Hart Crane lived when he wrote his poetry, looking out his little flat at the bridge and the river. If you're in Brooklyn Heights then, frankly, my envy knows no bounds. Snow there much?

Jan. 23rd, 2008 12:33 am (UTC)
how far's it from where you are? is Brooklyn huge or something? I have heard of Brooklyn Heights.
Yes, Brooklyn is quite large.
This is my area http://brooklyn101.com/?p=22
They filmed Moonstuck with Cher a half a block from my house;)

At the very end of that story you will see a store front with a flag and flowers outside of it. Well, that is a bakery called Mazzola's, they make Italian bread.......and I live right around that corner:)

Brooklyn Heights is less then I guess a mile from my brownstone....walkable. It's such a beautiful area. The Brownstone houses there are mostly all historical. An quite expensive! Our brownstone(which is family owned) is valued at about one million eight hundred thousand. Houses in Brooklyn Heights are triple that amount.
Then there is The Promenade! Which the crown jewel of Brooklyn Heights.
Where people come to see the 4th of July fireworks!
This is one of the streets
Hart Crane lived when he wrote his poetry, looking out his little flat at the bridge and the
river. If you're in Brooklyn Heights then, frankly, my envy knows no bounds.

Yeah, it's THAT Brooklyn Heights. Quite a few famous actors/writers/directors live in that area.
I am truly lucky to have lived in this area my entire life and it has remained the same.

I hope these links work! For the life of me I CANNOT post a picture to a reply! Can't figure what I'm doing work! :(

Edited at 2008-01-23 12:35 am (UTC)
Jan. 23rd, 2008 05:32 pm (UTC)
all the links worked fine, you really do live in a wonderful, amazing place and so immediate to Manhattan, thank you so much for all the info. I told David that when we retire we should go back, well, back for him, to Brooklyn. He's all there's snow, you'd have to drive in the snow. and I'm like cabs, David, they have cabs and subways and you can actually walk and get somewhere. I'm working on him, we'll see.
Oh, and if you want, I can show you how to post a pic, it's easy.

this is where I live
Jan. 24th, 2008 12:38 am (UTC)
It's so pretty where you live:)
I'm sure David is so over snow! lol!
Maybe it's just me but I like the change of seasons. By the time September rolls around I'm usually looking forward to the cold weather. Unlike years ago it doesn't snow as much here any longer, but when it does.....it shuts down the entire City! lol!

Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams live about 10 blocks from me. You should have seen the circus outside their brownstone.
I was coming home from work when we past their home,there had to be about 100 or more TV stations etc. outside. It's a shame that people cannot even grieve in peace.

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