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Raise Your Hand If...

...when you casually mention to your young teen daughter, or son, that
Simon Dumenco has an article in


they exclaim, "OhMyGod we have so got to get that magazine, I get to read it first.'
Because that is what Lauren did.
And not because of Zac BUT because of Simon.

I'm doing such a good job with her.

she just finished reading Jack London's "Sea-Wolf'.
In it there's a passage where Wolf Larsen, the Captain of the sealing vessel, the Ghost,
 yells to his men that if they don't do as he wants them to
he will see them all in
'kingdom come'

Lauren, not unreasonably, wanted to know where kingdom come was.
I told her that my feeling was -- being alive on this little blue ball is the kingdom that is
and that heaven is the kingdom to...come
hence...kingdom come. as in after leaving the current kingdom that is.
I know...I could be wrong but she went with it.
She said, 'oh' all thoughtful-like.

I asked her what she had thought.
She told me that she had thought that Kingdom Come was a place like, ya know,

Anybody know where Timbuktu is?

And, I actually do have a little Brian_Justin story about ready to go to beta so...soon...ish.
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