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STORY TITLE: A Time From Now
    CHAPTER TITLE: Working Out His Priorities_Twelve of One Hundred
RATING: this chapter: PG
WORD COUNT: this chapter: 625
WARNINGS: this chapter: none, Brian POV
NON-CANON: Britin is in the countryside outside of Pittsburgh, not in West Virginia
DISCLAIMER: Nothing I can say that hasn’t been said already? Not mine.
    Originally Beta’ed by herefordroad, all subsequent mistakes are mine
    Story throughout contains excerpts from The Brian Kinney Operating Manual including commentary from the Editors
SUMMARY FROM THE EDITORS: ‘So if that was what the people wanted then, as I saw it, it was almost my civic duty to lend a helping hand.’
    Brian reflects on his real estate options as they relate to the big picture
Includes excerpt
AUTHOR‘S NOTES: This story projects 59 years into the future and reflects all that that entails, many of the loose ends are tied-up. I dance with POV, I dance with time, in essence, I just dance to the song Brian & Justin sang to me.
    Contains: Brian_others, Justin_others. They grow old, they are always together for just as long as time allows, but, ultimately, they will die.
    As someone wise once said, ‘In the end, it’s all about Brian and Justin’ and I can only agree

A Time From Now

Working Out His Priorities
Two Weeks Later - Pittsburgh

From an economic standpoint, in fact, from any standpoint really, it made more sense to sell Britin first, then the loft. As Jen pointed out, the bombing had made people nervous, actually scared. Even those not involved in gay Pittsburgh frowned on buildings being blown up and people being killed in their city. They just didn’t care for it. So they were getting the hell out of Dodge, moving to the suburbs and even beyond, out into the country. So if that was what the people wanted then, as I saw it, it was almost my civic duty to lend a helping hand. Since the house was in the locale of the exodus, I’d already had three offers. Let the fuckers compete with each other. That I’d actually make out on this deal only confirmed my conviction that I was doing the right thing. Jen agreed but not Justin because he didn’t know; I’d made it very clear that Justin didn’t need to know anything yet, not about Britin, not about the loft. When he needed to know, I‘d tell him.

Once things calmed down, hopefully soon, I’d sell the loft. Like Babylon, it was a toy I’d outgrown, at least in its original incarnation. The difference between them was that that Babylon might help me get where I want to go while the loft could only hold me back, could only keep me in this same place. I no longer needed a fuck-pad, well, not as much anyway, and that was what the loft was designed to be. Plus, if Gus was going to stay with me he’d need his own room. The only practical thing to do would be to sell. It won’t be hard, it really won‘t be but telling Justin, that was going to be difficult. I have to imagine that he might not take this very well.

And so, two days later, after some fine-point negotiating, a fourth bid was accepted and Britin went into escrow. He will never go back, not even for one last look. That fantasy-play was done. He invested the money in high-yielding CDs and he moved on.

…excerpt from
The Brian Kinney Operating Manual - A Life Examined
    the chapter titled  - ‘Brian Finds His Way’

We feel, at this point, he already senses that there are other even more powerful justifications than economics and the number of bedrooms, that he just can‘t quite define but in time, he will. Actually, we just happen to know that there are two others that really matter and while each will become clearer to him in their own time, for now, both remain basically in the shadows. The one he does most clearly understand has a control over him he can’t rationalize. The loft almost feels alien to him. It’s as if he’s been gone a long, long time and now just returned, is only a visitor, like the place he’s called home for the past ten years belongs to someone else already. He wants to take it back, wants to retake possession but everywhere he looks, he sees him, hears him, feels him. Justin has become a part of every surface, every detail, has become a part of all its sounds and smells, its very light. The echo of him is there always, even if he’s gone and Brian understands that soon it will be time for him to go as well. Without Justin there, the loft just doesn’t make sense anymore. The second justification has to do with where he’ll eventually end up, but since that’s still only an itch at the back of his mind, we’ll leave it at that for now.
End excerpt

Next Chapter: Justin gets a question answered by Brian that makes him sad

for original post & additional chapters, please see here


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