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STORY TITLE: A Time From Now
    CHAPTER TITLE: Let Us Help You &
                Exorcise Your Demons_Thirty_of One Hundred
RATING: this chapter: PG
WORD COUNT: this chapter: 470 combined
WARNINGS: this chapter: none, Ted & Michael & Justin POV
DISCLAIMER: Nothing I can say that hasn’t been said already? Not mine.
   Originally Beta’ed by herefordroad, all subsequent mistakes are mine
    Story throughout contains excerpts from The Brian Kinney Operating Manual including commentary from the Editors
SUMMARY FROM THE EDITORS: ‘…& that if we could find a way to do that, it would maybe help Brian get past the really huge roadblock he’d set-up for himself.‘
    Ted & Mikey surprise Justin big time
AUTHOR‘S NOTES: This story projects 59 years into the future and reflects all that that entails, many of the loose ends are tied-up. I dance with POV, I dance with time, in essence, I just dance to the song Brian & Justin sang to me.
    Contains: Brian_others, Justin_others. They grow old, they are always together for just as long as time allows, but, ultimately, they will die.
    As someone wise once said, ‘In the end, it’s all about Brian and Justin’ and I can only agree

A Time From Now

Let Us Help You
One Week Later - Pittsburgh


Subject: Re: are you sitting down???

Hey Boy Wonder, Mikey & Ted here.

So, this weekend? The big unveiling at the gay & lessie center, cannot wait. Your paintings arrived safely, but we’re guessing you already knew that. Ma’s so excited, so’s Emmett, they can‘t wait to see you. She’s so proud, we all are but we’re guessing you already knew that too. Oh & dress pretty, all of official Pittsburgh is rumored to be attending.

Now that you’ve wrapped-up that commission, we want to give you another. Brian thought it would be best to wait to spring this one on you when you were done. Guess we did too. And now that you are, well here goes.

We want you to do a mural  for the inside of Babylon & in case you’re wondering why Ted & I are telling you about this, well, it’s because we’re taking full credit for coming up with the idea. Our idea, so we get to tell you. That’s right, JT…all ours. We knew we needed a way to show Brian that it was okay to rebuild Babylon, but nothing we were trying was getting through to him. His Catholic guilt was full-blown & in fine working order. Shit about dancing & fucking on their graves. Guess he’s not too far off in a way, but not the point, not really. We couldn’t let the fuckers win & letting Babylon die would’ve been doing just that, right?

So, Ted & I, we talked & we realized we needed a way to remember them properly. That we needed a way to show that we wouldn’t forget them or what happened to them & that if we could find a way to do that, it would maybe help Brian get past the really huge roadblock he’d set up for himself. And what better way than with art done by someone who was there & Justin…that would be you. Brian finally agreed so…here we are.

The how is up to you, no requirements to satisfy like you had with the center except the size. Brian does have some issues with the size, so you’ll need to deal with him about that, but otherwise, it’s up to you.

So there you have it JT, let us know what you think.

Otherwise, we’ll see you this weekend.

Take care, safe flight,

Mikey & Ted

Exorcise Your Demons, Again


Same Day - New York


Mikey & Ted,

Thank you, I don’t know what else to say, just - thank you.

See you both this weekend.


Next Chapter: Justin has an in-flight epiphany

for original post & additional chapters, please see here

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