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STORY TITLE: A Time From Now
      CHAPTER TITLES: I Wasn‘t a Psych Major
                                     ‘Hey Baby‘ Interruptus
                                     Mirror Us_Fifty-Seven of One Hundred
RATING: these chapters: PG
WORD COUNTS: these chapters: 340 & 190 & 190
WARNINGS: these chapters: none_Brian POV then Emmett POV then Justin POV
DISCLAIMER: Nothing I can say that hasn’t been said already? Not mine.
     Originally Beta’ed by herefordroad, all subsequent mistakes are mine
      Story throughout contains excerpts from The Brian Kinney Operating Manual including commentary from the Editors
SUMMARY FROM THE EDITORS: ‘My avoidance technique, in this case, was non-communication hence no possible confrontation.’
      Brian is wise. So is Emmett. But Justin probably has them both beat
AUTHOR‘S NOTES: This is my first Post 513 ‘saga’ which I initially started writing at the show’s end as my response to that ending. Now I‘m revising and reposting it. It projects 59 years into the future and reflects all that that entails, most of the loose ends are tied-up. I dance with POV, I dance with time, I dance with grammar, in essence, I just dance to the song Brian & Justin sang to me.
      Story Contains: Brian_others, Justin_others. They grow old, they are always together for just as long as time allows, but, ultimately, they will die.
      As someone wise once said, ‘In the end, it’s all about Brian and Justin’ and I can only agree

A Time From Now

I Wasn’t A Psych Major
The Same Time - Pittsburgh

On the drive to Woody’s I had time to think, and while I hadn’t been a psych major, advertising did use psychology to sell, sell, sell, so I felt I’d acquired a kind of second-hand expertise, and any clinical definition of my behavior would have to revolve around issues concerning confrontation and avoidance. Something like ‘he uses the techniques of avoidance to deal with confrontation‘. Let the chips fall where they may and if someone was hurt in the fallout, well…in the worst case scenario they’d need to be dealt with later and in the best case scenario…never.

The why really wasn‘t too difficult to understand. I didn’t like being made to feel like crap and I’d found that in general, that was just what confrontations made me feel like since, according to most everyone, I was so often wrong about so very many things. I’d learned to do what I wanted and to deal with the right or wrong of it later. The loft was mine; I sold what was mine; that simple. My avoidance technique, in this case, was non-communication hence no possible confrontation.

If Justin didn’t know what I was doing, he couldn’t try and guilt me…again. If I needed a reason, which I didn’t, it would be Gus, nothing else. Truth though was a little more complicated. I still heard things…his humming in the kitchen, late at night, would see things…him sprawled across my bed, would still smell things…the scent of his cologne, that weren’t there, that hadn’t been there for months. Got annoying, so I left and with any luck, Justin would never know the real reasons because if he ever did find out, he would never let me live it down. I’d known I couldn’t avoid this little drama for very long, but I’d managed for just long enough. Now I was off Liberty Avenue, and into an apartment that wasn’t ‘haunted’, that wouldn’t be hard to leave behind when the time came, and had a park for Gus conveniently across the street..

Finding parking close by, Brian walked slowly to Woody’s. He stood for a minute, just a little hesitantly at the top of the stairs and looking in. Entering, he found Justin sitting at the bar drinking a beer. He took a deep breath, determined to keep this just as short and just as sweet as possible.

‘Hey Baby’ Interruptus
Same Time

Emmett was on his way to Justin, having just spotted him at the crowded bar with ‘hey baby’ already on his lips, when he noticed Brian lingering in the doorway, so he hesitated, waiting and watching and wondering why Brian was looked slightly uneasily towards Justin. He glanced back to Ted and Blake and confirmed that they too were aware of the very real and exciting possibility of drama. Turning back to Brian, just in time to watch him saunter over to the bar, Emmett couldn’t help but feel some slight disappointment when the tension, which he had definitively sensed a mere minute ago, seemingly evaporated into the thinnest of air the instant they looked into each other’s eyes. He returned, somewhat forlornly to Ted and Blake. He shrugged. “I think it would be best if this remains our little secret, no sense pissing off the beast by gossiping about him and Justin behind their backs.”

“Agreed,” Ted replied.

Blake simply nodded, knowingly.

Taking his seat and a sip from his Cosmo, Emmett rejoined his friends and their conversation picked up right where it had left off.

Mirror Us
Same Time

He felt Brian before seeing him, felt him come up from behind him, felt his radiant heat,  then his touch on his shoulder, his breath on his cheek when he whispered, “Let me take you home, Justin, alright?”

He nodded while looking into the mirror behind the bar, while watching them reflected there, and Justin answered to mirror Brian, “You are so going to pay for this. You know that, right?”

“I’m counting on it. You know that, right?” mirror Brian smirked.

Justin’s smile turned to a grin and jumping off the bar stool, grabbing Brian two-handed by his shirt, standing on tip-toe to reach Brian’s mouth, he growled, “Let’s go home, your ass is mine.” Their kiss was searing.

Laughing, Brian said, “Oh, you think so, huh?” Grunting when Justin pretend-punched him in the side.

“You’re an asshole, you know that?”

“So I’ve been told and told and told.” With arms draped around the other, they hit the street, where after a short walk, they found the Vette patiently waiting for Brian to take Justin home.

Next Chapter: Justin learns that life is a two-way street and how good that it is

for original post & additional chapters, please see here


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