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STORY TITLE: A Time From Now
     CHAPTER TITLE: Number Five_Sixty-One of One Hundred
RATING: this chapter: PG13
WORD COUNT: this chapter: 2,000
WARNINGS: this chapter: Other-Brian_Brian POV & mostly Jayden POV
DISCLAIMER: Nothing I can say that hasn’t been said already? Not mine
      Originally Beta’ed by herefordroad, all subsequent mistakes are mine
      Story throughout contains excerpts from The Brian Kinney Operating Manual including commentary from the Editors
SUMMARY FROM THE EDITORS: ‘”…the next morning you…you kicked me out. Do you want to know your exact words? Because I do still remember them…clearly”’
     Brian complicates his life and doesn’t even mind, too much
AUTHOR‘S NOTES: This story projects 59 years into the future and reflects all that that entails, many of the loose ends are tied-up. I dance with POV, I dance with time, in essence, I just dance to the song Brian & Justin sang to me.
      Contains: Brian_others, Justin_others. They grow old, they are always together for just as long as time allows, but, ultimately, they will die.
      As someone wise once said, ‘In the end, it’s all about Brian and Justin’ and I can only agree

A Time From Now

Number Five
Later That Night - Pittsburgh

Brian followed Jayden back into the city to an area he knew of as ’old-moneyed’, an elegant neighborhood of wide sloping front lawns, stately trees and early turn-of-the-century homes. The neighborhood where, he also knew, most of Pittsburgh’s elite lived and where, apparently, Jayden did also. That explained this sense of the man that he’d picked up on. Money, and all that that meant, came naturally to him, so he had no need for pretensions. Jayden obviously lived within the skin of his affluence easily, which was exactly what he wanted people to say about him one day.

Jayden’s house, smaller comparatively than its neighbors, was set back from the winding street it faced. Brian followed him when the cab turned into the circular drive, parking behind him where the drive arched nearest to the house. Meeting with him just as the taxi was pulling away; they walked in silence to the front door, but once inside, he moved into Jayden instantly, breathing him in. Ducking his head into Jayden’s hair, Brian just breathed in his need, his desire. Taking Jayden’s face in his hands, kissing him deeply, Brian growled, “Bedroom.” He’d wanted Jayden since dinner, for hours it seemed, and now nothing stood in his way.

Without words, Jayden took Brian’s hand and led him up the curved staircase to his bedroom. He knew of Brian’s ways, had experienced him once before, and for now anyway, would be willing to do this just as Brian wanted, to let him have his way in everything, and no surprise that what Brian wanted was pure, uncomplicated fucking. This time wouldn’t be about tenderness, this time would only be about lust. He knew that Brian’s words, when he used any, would be low and soft and more like two to three word commands…suck me…gonna fuck you…on your back, now…on your stomach, now…spread your legs, now. Brian would instruct and would expect him to react, so when Brian put his hands on his shoulders and pushed him down to his knees, when his words were ‘suck me‘, he did as he was told.

He moved down Brian’s body in a kind of controlled frenzy with his hands gripping tightly onto Brian’s hips, with his nose breathing him in and with his mouth nipping and biting all down his chest, his stomach, his crotch and when finally there, while laying kisses and bites all over his cock covered in soft rayon gabardine, he was nearly overwhelmed by the sensation…the textures, the smells, the sounds of Brian, of all the possibilities of him. He mouthed his way along the length of his cock, breathed heavy and warm over its tip and felt it when Brian shuddered beneath his lips, just slightly arching toward him, and he pushed back with his tongue. He ran his left hand between Brian’s legs, cupping up into him, feeling his balls, messaging them. Brian bent his knees, spreading his feet, pushing down to him, against his hand causing him whimper, causing them both to. He could feel that Brian was already moving into that oh-so-beautiful place of arousal, and he was taking him there. And that was all that really mattered now.

Undressing Brian slowly, making him naked from the waist down, Jayden sat back on his heels and just took him in and Brian watched him do it. Slowly Brian reached down, and placing a finger on his cock, he lowered the head to his waiting mouth, laying the velvet softness on his tongue and Jayden closed his mouth around him, at first only mouthing him, but then suddenly and completely sucking him in, deep into his throat, Brian gasped, threw his head back, moaned and he moaned around him…moved away with him. They kept each other there, in that perfection, in that arousal all night long. And when the moon was low, when dawn wasn’t really all that far away, they finally slept.

As usual, morning came too soon, and they rose to it cautiously and while Jayden made breakfast, he watched Brian stand nervously in front of the large living room window gazing out, apparently wrestling with some inner thoughts. He seemed to have reached some decision or conclusion by the time they sat down at the dining table. So he waited for it, also nervous, but intrigued, and after allowing for a few minutes of quiet enjoyment of their meal, Brian said, “What was that little remark at Bruce’s about the loft. What’d you mean that you’d like to see it again? I don’t --”

“No, you wouldn’t.” And maybe he did respond a little sharply, a little too quickly, maybe he had interrupted Brian, but he didn’t really want to hear how he wasn’t remembered. Glanced up at him, he connected with Brian’s eyes before looking down again, embarrassed. “No, you wouldn’t remember me, Brian.”

“Jayden, I…?” But Brian stopped, went quiet, waiting for him.

He wanted this to work; he wanted to be Brian’s next long-term trick, which was what everyone at Babylon…whatthefuck? what everyone on Liberty Avenue called them. The next one, he was determined, was going to be him, so he needed to handle this right, would have been best if he’d just kept his little quip to himself last night, but what was done was done. Taking a deep breath, he said, “You…you spirited me away to the loft one beautiful winter‘s night maybe three years ago. Obviously, you’ve figured that out, right? And just as obviously you don’t remember me in the slightest.” Brian looked almost regretful, so instinctively he soothed him. “Hey, seriously…it’s alright, really. I wish you remembered me, but in all fairness, our encounter was during those bleak, dark times when Justin was with Ethan. Don’t look so surprised. I am just as privy to Liberty Avenue gossip as anyone else. Anyway, during that time, you were so fucked-up I’m amazed you could even fuck me, let alone do it so incredible well. And man, you proved your reputation and in more ways than one. You fucked me senseless during our time well spent and when you arose from unconsciousness the next morning, you…you kicked me out.  Do you want to know your exact words? I do remember them still. Clearly.” Maybe he did want this to work, but he also wanted to extract a little blood.

“No…not really. I hurt you. I --”

“I’m going to tell you anyway. I think it’s important that you know. Ready?” And taking Brian’s slight noncommittal shrug as his go-ahead, Jayden continued, “When you woke up, you turned to me and you said…and I quote ‘What the fuck are you still doing here? Get the fuck out.’ So, I did and without argument, but honestly Brian, no regrets, alright?”


“Yes, it hurt, I’m not saying it didn’t, but you were no different with me than with anyone else according to the rumor mill. It wasn’t personal per se, so it was…okay. I chose to focus on the amazing sex, I did mention how really --”

“Yes, you did mention --”

“And that made all the badness just naturally go away…mostly. Mostly that made all the bitter badness go away but see? Thing is and full disclosure here. I used to watch you and Justin, we all did, in the backroom, and when you’d fuck him, man, Brian, it was beautiful. The looks on your faces…shit. I sometimes almost felt sorry for him because he couldn’t see you the way we could. I’d feel like coming just watching you run your hands over him, the way he‘d move into you…okay, yeah…maybe I’d better stop that line of thought.” He laughed.

“You have a point?”

“Yes, I have a point, a main point and I’m getting there because I also used to watch each of you on your own, him with others when you weren‘t around, you with others whether he was or wasn’t. Do you know that when you were missing-in-action, Justin always, always topped. I never saw him bottom for anyone but you, did you know that? I’m not saying he didn’t, I’m just saying I never saw it.” He paused again, unsure.

“So, in the interest of total and full disclosure, I guess maybe he wasn’t always that happy with Ethan because he’d sometimes still show up at Babylon, how he managed to show up only when you weren’t around I’m sure I don’t know, but he did. And one night he chose me. We danced for a while, got each other all hot and bothered and then he fucked me in the backroom so hard that I fucking saw stars…swear. He’s pretty big for a guy his size, but you’d know that, wouldn’t you? Or maybe not. Which brings me to my main point--”

“So there really is a point…a main point,” Brian said. “You really are going somewhere with this?”

“Yes, yes there is more--”


“Fine. I want be your next one…my main point, in case you were wondering. I want be the next one you keep around for four to five months if I‘m very very good, because I am perfect, Brian, and do you know why? I truly understand, I do. I understand what you have with Justin, how eventually you will go to him, and I don’t want to mess with that on any level, I don’t. He helps you to be a better man, but I want my time in the sun. Any…thoughts?”

“You’ve given me a lot of information, Jayden, I need to assimilate. The one thing I do know is that I want you with me, alright? But I need you to really understand how it is.”

“I do.”

“Jayden, listen to me, I won’t leave him, alright? I won’t. But one day I will leave this town and everything and everyone in it.” Brian was trying to make him understand, but what Brian didn’t understand was that he really already did.

“We will discuss all your conditions, trepidations, worries, which I fear are numerous, later, if there is a later because I have only one…only one condition, which I sense could be a deal-breaker. Seriously. Ready?”

 “Be done, Jayden.”

I’m not a bottom. Well…I am, just not exclusively, and while I am willing to give you some time -- and don’t give me that fucking look, man, that’s just not pretty -- as I was saying --”

“And saying and saying, so not fucking and --”

“I get your point, but since this is important at least…to…me, let me finish, alrighty? And anyway, we are still eating here.”

“Shit, and I thought Justin talked a lot, but he’s nothing compared to --”

“I am willing to give you some time, but eventually I will want you. I will want to --”

Brian leaned in, across the table and said, “You want to be with me, Jayden? Then you’d better keep that sweet cock of yours away from my ass, understand? If I was going to bottom for anyone, it would be for Justin, but he’s dealt with me just fine and so can you. Any further discussion? Is our deal over before it can even begin?”

Jayden knew this wasn’t the end of it, not for him anyway, but for now he said, “Should I put your cell number on my phone?”

“Jury’s still out on that one, I’ll get back to you in a couple of days--”

“Really? Well …fine. Then what do you suggest we do in the meantime? Got anyplace important you need to be for the next couple of days?”

As chance would have it, Brian didn’t have anyplace, important or otherwise, he needed to be over the next couple of days. And by then, the jury had reached its verdict. Jayden had been tried, convicted and sentenced and he had every intention of doing at least the four month standard maximum. His one real dream would be to get his sentence increased for good behavior. He would do his best, his very best, he was that kind of man. And he was also the kind of man who clearly understood how to bide his time.

Next Chapter: Daphne finds her way and it’s a really good place for her to be

for original post & additional chapters, please see here


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