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This is cool!! my original (sort of) list

mission101  as brought to my attention my Alex

April 1, 2009 - December 31, 2011

     BOLD & INDENT-Complete OR Failed
In Progress
NOT In Progress

          1. Year 1_Study Abstract Expressionism_Complete
2. All years_Study of Johns & Rauschenberg
          3. Year 1_Complete three large collages/ drawings_Complete
4. Year 2_Complete three large collages/ drawings
5. Year 3_Complete three large collages/ drawings
6. Year 2_Study 20th ART from 1960s to present
7. Year 3_Study 20th Century Art pre WWII
8. Post on flicker each completed task on mission101
9. Learn Photoshop
10. Create two computer art works per month & post
11. Read each of the three art magazine I subscribe to
12. Take Lauren to museums & galleries etc. monthly

          13. Set-up flickr account_Complete
14.Complete first list of 100_snapshots
15. Post on flickr 100_snapshots photos of both Gaeln & Loren

          1. Year 1_Finish reedit of A Time From Now_Complete
          2. Year 1_Finish posting of A Time From Now to LJ_Complete

3. Do ten  experimental style short stories
4. Year 1_Do research on 1950’s NY story
5. Year 2_continue research for 1950’s NY story

6. Year 2_Do 2010 NaNoWriMo_to work on first draft of 1950’s NY story
7. Year 3_work toward final draft of 1950’s NY story                   
8. Read the writing magazine I subscribe to
                      9. Year 1_Do qaf_challenges_Failed
10. Year 2_ Do two of my short stories
11. Year 3_Do four of my short stories

1. Read every book offered up at my book club
          2. Year 1_confine study reading to Ab/ Ex & Johns/ Rauschenberg_Complete
3. Year 2_confine non-fic reading to pre WWII art
4. Year 3_confine non-fic reading to post1960s to present art
5. All years_Read one additional fiction/ nonfiction book per month
          6. Year 1_Read poetry from around mid-20th century_Complete
                      7. Year 2_read poets_Pre WWII_Failed

8. Year 3_read poets_Post WWII
          9. Year 1_Read books about writing or poetry_Complete
10. Year 2 & 3_how-to books on photography, art, meditation, yoga etc.
          11. _Find 100 poems for Lauren’s book_Complete
12. Year 2_Find graphics/ photos to illustrate each poem
13. Year 3_Create poetry book for Lauren
14. Post to flickr the cover & a brief description of each book I’ve read for mission101
                      15. Read the one poetry magazine I subscribe to_Failed

1. Get carpets cleaned once a year
2. Get windows cleaned once a year
By end of Year 3
          3. Paint hallway_Complete
4. Contact three contractors re: skylight in kitchen
5. Choose one & get it done
          6. Remove carpet from & refinish wood floors in Lauren’s bedroom_Complete
          7. Repaint & redecorate Lauren’s bedroom_Complete
          8. Contact landscaper from 2008 if available for quote for fronyardt_Complete
          9. Plus, contact 2 other landscapers for quotes for frontyard_Complete
         10. Landscape front yard_Complete

11. Decide on landscaper for backyard
12. Landscape backyard
13. Contact three contractors for remodel
14. Hire one to tear out slider in dining room & install wall with window & French doors
15.  And build partial wall between dining room & living room area
16. Remove carpet from dining room & living room area and install wood floors
17. Move office from second bedroom to living room
18. Remove carpet from & refinish wood floors in second bedroom
19. Remove paneling & repaint second bedroom
20.  Repaint entire dining room/ office space
21. Turn second bedroom into guestroom

1. Involve daughter in photography
2. Develop & maintain cleaning routine

          3. Start process of getting daughter braces_Complete
          4. Do what I can to support daughter in her choice whether or not to go to West Valley_Complete
                    5. Make sure daughter does her volunteer hours monthly_Failed

6. Teach daughter photoshop
7. Develop system to create better balanced meals
          8. Year 1_Boston & New York is_Complete
                    9. Year 2_Seattle_Failed

10. Year 3_Europe
11. Help Lauren learn to draw realistically
12. Help Lauren determine financial aid & possible universities

Personal/ LJ
1. Donate 100,000 grain to FreeRice per year
2. Don’t buy anymore books until I’ve read what I have (except for research/ study)
    Year 1 bought 2: dragons & cleaning
3. Backup laptop at least once a week

4. Create photo album for Lauren of history of stuff, to include photo & written documentation
          5. 09_Continue doing the monthly “one good thing” on LJ_Complete
6. Lose ten pounds
7. Shop twice a month at Farmer’s Market
8. Do a personal post on LJ once per week
9. Click on Cancer site five times a week

          10. Get laptop’s screen fixed BEFORE it completely fails_Complete
11. Maintain MyYahoo daily list
          12. go through & organize boxes in house_Complete
          13. 10_go through & organize boxes in garage_Complete
          14. 11_go through & orgainze boxes in garage loft_Complete
          15. Organize photos into photo boxes_Complete
          16. Reorganize recipes, input into computer_Complete

17. Year 2_Take very best photo of me I can
18. Year 3_repeat year 2 photo with improvements
19. Create flickr set to include pics & artwork from each artist I’ve studied
20. Take a photo of every completed task and post to flickr & LJ
21. Update this list to my journal and link to mission101 once per month

98 -100_OPEN
 101. Do this again stating with 2012
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