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And the winner is!!!
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'You voted, we listened! Hubble just released this image of the winner of the "Hubble's Next Discovery – You Decide" contest. Over 140,000 votes were cast in the contest, and more than 67,000 of them went to Arp 274, a trio of galaxies now captured in full, glorious detail.'
     Hubble Update_Inbox Astronomy 04/ 06/ 09

For their newsletter and more information including the image super huge, please go here

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This image is magnificent.

Thank you for posting it.

Wow! Just...Wow!

(so eloquent, I know!)

'Wow! Just...Wow!'

says it just right for me. We are so fortunate to have Hubble.

I know, dancing galaxies...imagine

You are into universe and similar stuff?

Yes. My father worked for NASA, the American space agency, and I was raised on the space flights. That got me interested in space itself. I know very little really but I read and try to understand. Are you interested as well?

Are you interested as well?

Not so much. I must admit I do not understand the universe. I cannot define the constellations, even though they have been shown to me many times. To me, a star is just a star. The Great Bear, The Little Bear, Gemini -- all is the same to me. But I do like to read Sci-Fi.

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