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After my husband left for work yesterday...
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...I received a call from his boss telling him not to come in because all communications were down. This is IBM, all communications are never down.They have backups for their backups. I thought 'Whatthehell?', but called Daiv and told him to just come home, so home he came. He actually was able to work from here, just not from the job site.

Turns out it was sabotage, AT&T underground cable lines were cut just south of here-- fairly close to where that little earthquake was last week or whenever & to where IBM is -- and everything went...llandlines, cell phones, 911, police and fire stations, even hospitals. They sent firemen to the tops of the hills to watch out for fires!! The hospitals had to use runners to carry messages from room to room. The south valley -- Santa Clara countiy which is us -- Santa Cruz and San Benito counties were all affected.

This is messed up.

On-the-other-hand, it's been raining for two days and there's just nothing so beautiful. Water!!!

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That's awful!!! So destructive and could cause havoc with emergencies! I hope things are fixed up very soon.

Happy Easter and enjoy your weekend!

they had the worst of it taken care of by this morning, Daiv's at work as we speak, Now they just need to find who did it, and keep it from happening again. No small tasks.

Happy Easter and good weekend to you as well. I like your icon.

Wow that's pretty insane.

yeah, and right now, though fixed, there's nothing to stop it from happening again.

Wow! It's incredible that something like that could happen!

and could happen again, to any of us. Although they think it may be an inside job because the manhole covers that protect the cables underground are extremely heavy to lift and need a special tool to open at all. Someone has that tool, whether from inside AT&T or stolen. We'll find out when they, hopefully, catch the guys.o

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AT&T says you need a certain kind of tool to remove the covers, so, maybe it was inside job but why? My husband was able to go back to work today which is good but you're right, I doubt this is over.

Hmm...I was thinking that it may be an 'inside' job after reading this and then noticed you said that in your comment to shadownyc. A random person wouldn't likely be able to affect so many different functions.

Glad it's up and running again.

Have a lovely weekend!

AT&T says that might be the case, not any random person could get the covers off that AT&T needs to service the lines. I'm glad everything's up and running too. Have a lovely weekend.

Wow, that's incredible! Hard to imagine that can even happen.

Enjoy the rain! We get very little of it down here in Sunny San Diego.

all is well now, and will be put to right once they find out who did it.

I partly grew up in sunny San Diego, from birth until nine. I have fond memories.

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