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Happiness meme_Day five

The neighborhood where I live was working-class when these houses were built back in 1961. They are well-built but unimaginatively-designed little ranches that came without sprinkler systems. Some have installed them, some, including us, haven't. There is a frontyard, courtyart and backyard none of which had ANY plantings when we moved in. The backyard has a lovely deck that came with the house and a gazebo my husband added. Otherwise, it's basically wild California grass Interspersed with weeds. The frontyard is vaguely okay, there's juniper and Lily of the Valley and at least I keep it weeded and the little bits along the driveway and the street are nice.

So now we come to the Happiness part...my courtyard. When we moved in it had a stockade fence which we removed and David built a sweet little craftsmen-esque one instead. The courtyard itself was dirt...just dirt. I was out there early this morning pruning, weeding, but not watering, that comes only in the evening, when I realized it was what I wanted to post about today. There's hawthorn, nandina, juniper, a flowering plum, and others whose names I've forgotten. Working there until it got to hot to do so any longer, made me happy. Every plant there, I planted. Every plant, every tree, well..every...everything. And all is watered by hand.

See. The view would be from outside our front door. Click-click for larger.



Apr. 23rd, 2009 07:32 pm (UTC)
thanks, it is pretty sweet. I have chairs under the plum tree (flowering plum so no fruit) and the umbrella is always up to provide some shady for the plants along the walkway. In the middle of summer though when it's over a hundred out, it's a actually a little more like hell, but that's what they invented inside for.

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