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Please click the link below...
icon science_astronomy
to vote for
President Obama in an
MSNBC poll.

He needs our support for his 100 Day Grade
because can you guess who is
flooding the polls with Fs?

Just takes a second.

And no, this would NOT be part of my Happiness meme for today.

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Voted! Boy, looks like you love him or you hate him, eh?

it's all very polar, makes me angry. thanks for voting.

Do you know if it's one vote per I.P. address? Or can you vote as often as you can click?

After The Teenager leaves for capoeira, I can vote from her laptop, and if I'd known about it before I left work, I could have voted on my office PC.

The A's are still behind the F's. I figure the Bs, Cs, and Ds are true judgements, rather than an ideological stand. FanSee

Honestly, I voted B, it's not so much him as the shit that's been thrown in his way that he hasn't been able to work around. I have Lauren voting on hers and Daiv on his. I don't know about voting more than once, if we can do so, then they can also. I don't even know when the vote closes. Thanks for voting.

That is annoying. Maybe because he hasn't started a war in his first 100 days, some people are disappointed. I voted, and sent it on, thanks for bringing it to my attention!


It angers me so much since really, what he hasn't been able to accomplish has been because of the barriers they've thrown down in front of him. Initially, I received this as an email and forwarded it on but that didn't seem enough. I'm so glad you voted and sent it on.

BTW, I love your logo, how wonderful he is in that photo.

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