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Happiness meme_Day seven

I had hoped in this post to wax poetic about the rain we were supposed to get today but since the downpour only lasted about five seconds, I've decided to talk about my family instead since I haven't and probably should.

After a lovely, quiet day spent as I wanted since both of them were away -- school, work --  I then brought Lauren home and we were finally able to spend some time going though her recent photographs in order to get a few ready for me to post, along with mine, to the 100_snapshots  comm. Our first post!!! I don't know if they allow dual-posters but I'll undoubtedly find out soon enough.

She had me sit behind her while she worked, I read  mostly, so she could ask questions when necessary and she diligently went through them all resizing them, cropping them if necessary and in a few cases adjusting the color slightly. The comm. only allows minimal adjustments. She was very sure of what she wanted to do, how she ultimately wanted the photographs to look and I was pleased to see that, in my opinion, she had a very good eye. I'm trying to influence her as little as possible both when she takes the photos and also when she crops them and such so they really are a reflection of her.

A moment that made my heart proud was when, while looking at one of hers, she turned to me and said, 'I'm telling you, that looks like a Rauschenberg' and she smiled. And man, so did I.

Once I post to the comm. I'll link to my journal, or maybe the other way around, and you can let us know what you think.

She then joined me out in the courtyard with her laptop while I continued reading. My routine is computer stuff until Daiv comes home, and then reading. It was lovely out, sunny and just slightly breezy, bright blue skies, filmy clouds, that whole thing. I had taken the guinea pig, Tristan, out there much earlier in the day and it was nice to remember how the day had progressed since.

Daiv did a barbeque so there were only a few dishes to rinse and put in the dishwasher and then we watched a history channel sort of documentary on Alexander the Great. I would like to imagine Alexander really looked as pretty as they made him in the show but I doubt it.

Now Lauren's in her room no doubt playing on her computer or maybe bouncing off the walls from the sound of it, Daiv's rummaging through the pantry searching out the cookies to munch on while he decompresses from his day -- he had a major presentation this morning -- in front of the TV, and I'm in the bedroom listening to music and doing this meme. After this, I'll check email, read for awhile, and then to bed. Tomorrow's Saturday and we can sleep in. Right now, we're all here, we're all healthy, and we're all safe.

Sweet. And yeah, she's definitely bouncing off the walls, no doubt about it.

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