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Dear F-list_a favor

I do realize Poetry Month is over. Still...

...on my mission101 list
one of my projects under Reading is:

9. Collect 100 favorite poems
11. Make into a book
An idea I snagged from emptyed 's mission101 list

to which I added
10. Marry each poem with artwork and photos

I have it in my mind that I would like to finish this project before I die so...
I can either cut the list back to say...50 poems OR
and even better I have to believe,
I can broaden the definition of favorite
to include not only mine but the favorites of Others.

Which - surprise surprise - is where you come in.

If you would like to add to my potential book,
which will ultimately be given to my now fifteen year old daughter, Lauren, then

please leave me your favorite poem in the comments.
I will create a section for yours separate from mine.
I already have ten --Shelley, Ginsberg, O'Hara, Ashbery, Carroll
(Jabbwocky which is Lauren's favorite at the moment)
and a few I picked from all the wonderful Poetry month posts.

Your poems can be somewhat risque or suggestive,
alter all, she is being raised by me.
And rather short as opposed to seriously long, would probably be preferable.
But, that having been said, my Shelly contribution is 'Adonais', which
if you know the poem, is very very long.

I'll add your username as contributed by...if you want.
And I won't...if you don't.
But the name of the poet would really be nice.

Thanks in advance...if you play. And if you don't, that cool.
There's always next time.

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