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Three Things_One: a Happy Birthday Wish, Two: a music vid & Three: an observation

: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ta_wanda. Hope you had a great day.

: This was snagged from qaffangyrl who snagged it from wherever it is she snags things. The song is 'Bring Him Home -- which I LOVE -- from Les Miserables, which I have actually seen and enjoyed very much. Only about half of the time is spent with him actually singing, maybe less. The rest of the time is,'ll see.


I decided to reread this what with the movie being released soonish and what with me only having ever read it the one time when it first came out. So, why is it even when I know, even when I've read the book and already know that he dies in chapter 27 and on page 595,  that I still have to stop a couple of pages before and ready myself. And the second time is even worse than the first because the first time I could fool myself into believing that his dying was just a scheme cooked up between him and Professor Snape and that, at the end during the great battle, Dumbledore, like Gandalf before him, would dramatically return just at the right moment to inspire everyone to save heart and seize the day. I really kind of hate it that that's not how it went down. I really do.

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