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Fourth post to 100_snapshots commnity

Some in this community are photographers who take or set-up gorgeous shots using Good cameras.

On the other hand, while I once was a photographer, I now take snapshots, as does Lauren, with nothing planned and with Point & Shot Cameras. Maybe by List Two (more likely by Three) we will attempt being photographers. That having been said, I like what we are doing and she is having a great time. Whenever I say 'Let's go take some pictures' she whines and moans but once there, I have to keep saying 'come on, honey, let's go' because it's always 'just one more, mom.'
Very Cool.

Photographers: Gaeln & Loren
Number of Photos: 4
Themes: 10_blue & 90_trapped


When Loren took this one, she said it reminded her of a Rauschenberg.
Makes a mother proud.




to third post which connects to the others

Tags: personal_photography_100 snapshots_1st

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