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Third Month Posting_mission101

to my original list

April 1, 2009 - December 31, 2011

DONE_5 as of June

19. Set-up flickr account_DONE
3. Stat process of getting daughter braces_DONE
4. Do what I can to support daughter whether she decides to go to West ValleyJunior collage or not_
Personal/ LJ
14. go through & get rid of boxes in house_DONE
17. organize photos into 8 photo albums plus 1box LINK to Flickr_

1. 09_Abstract Expressionism_research
     Read Frank O’Hara’s 'Jackson Pollock Great American Artists Series 1959’
     Read Walker Art Center’s ‘Morris Louis: The Veil Cycle

Rothko's ‘An Artist’s Reality: :Philosophy of Art’
2. 09_Continue study of JJohns & Rauschenberg & contemporaries
     Read Jasper Johns: A Print Retrospective The Museum of Modern Art New York’
     Read Robert Rauschenberg Works / Writings / Interviews’
Universe of Art’s “Jasper Johns’ w/ forward by Leo Castelli
James Fenton’s Leonardo’s Nephew: Essays On Art and Artists
14. Post on flicker each completed task on mission101_(5/ 101)
17. Read each of the three art magazine I subscribe to_(8/ 102)
18. Take Lauren to museums & galleries etc
_Modern Art Museum_San Francisco
20. Post twice a month to 100_snapshots_(4/ 50)
21. Post on flickr 100_snapshots photos of both Gaeln & Loren_(8/ 200)

1. Finish  reedit of A Time From Now
    Edited 1 in June w/ 5 to go & 1 to write
2. Finish posting of A Time From Now to LJ
    Posted 1 in June w/ 6 to go
3. Do one experimental style short story per month & post_(3/ 10 months)
     March story Golden Watchman
     April poem_When I was Sixteen...
     May story
Some Enchanted Evening
     June poem
Plato Would Be Proud

1. Read every book offered up at my book club
_(2/ 18?)
    April to May_Ruth Reichl’s Garlic and Sapphires: The Secret Life of a Critic in Disguise
    June to July_Miriam’s Song by Miriam Mathabane
2. 09_confine non-fic reading to Abstract Expressionism/ JJohns & Rrauschenberg_(3/ 9)
5. Read one additional fiction/ non-fiction book per month_(2/ 34)
    Reread HP & the Half-Blood Prince_May
    Edmund White’s Arts and Letters
6. Read poetry_(3/ 34)
     Read Joe LeSueur’s ‘Digressions on some poems by Frank O’Hara’_May
     Read 'Frank O’Hara Poems Retrieved'__May
     Read Bill Berkson & Joe LeSueur's 'Homage to Frank O'Hara' (1978)_May
     Read Frank O‘Hara‘s ‘Art Chronicles 1954-1966‘_May
     Read the Museum of Modern Art’s Frank O’Hara/ ‘In Memory Of My Feelings’ Edited by Bill Berkson_May
     Read Everyman’s Librrary Pocket Poet’s Auden_June
9. Read books about writing or poetry_(4/ 34)
     Read Rainer Maria Rilke’s Letter to a Young Poet
     Read Marjori Perloff’s ‘Frank O’Hara: Poet Among Painters
10. Collect 100 favorite poems_(84/ 100)

2. Involve daughter in photography
     Took pictures:
         In San Francisco & Santa Cruz; at Office Depot & Mervyn’s malls

7. Upgrade diet by improving 2 individual recipes/ month_(4/ 34) & post to flickr_LINKS
Seafood Salad, Corned beef hash; corn salad; spaghetti carbonara

Personal/ LJ
1. Donate 5,000 grain to FreeRice per month (36,000/ 100,000)
2. Don’t buy anymore books until I’ve read what I have (except for research/ study)_(3/ 34)
4. Backup laptop at least once a week_(3/ 34)
5. Continue doing the monthly “one good thing” post on LJ_(3/ 9)
13. Update list to my journal & link to mission101 once per month_(3/ 34)
14. Go through & get rid of boxes in house_(3/ 3)
     See under DONE above
17. organize photos into 8 photo albums plus i photo box

     See under DONE above
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