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Greetings from NYC
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All has gone very well, Boston was amazing if something of a mess, work going on everywhere. But such an old city comparitively. Our one side trip was to Harvard, a beautiful campuse with a very nice little contemporary art museum.

New York is fabulous. Yesterday we did Coney Island, today we're doing the Musem of Modern Art. We've done the Met and the Whitney, Times Square and the Empire State Building and we've walked and walaked and enjoyed almost ever minute of it. There is much work going on here also which is good, they're keeping the place up. Central Park, which is three blocks away, has turned out to be our default go-to place to read and relax. Man, I love it.

I gotta go, we're using the free wifi at the Grand Central Library and Lauren is clamoring to use her computer.

Hope all is well, Gayle

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g, i'm glad that your trip is going well. the whitney is my favorite museum in nyc. enjoy!


it was a toss-up between the Whitney and the Guggenheim and the Whitney won. It is an excellent museum but I have to say that my favorite is MoMA. We went as a family on Thursday and, the one night on my own -Daiv and Lauren went to the movies -I went back. It was a Friday night and the place was jammed. I felt so City with a capitol C. You were there weren't you, for the gathering? How'd that go? I haven't been on my friends page in ages, I'm totally out of touch.

I'm glad your trip is going well:) I'm envious a bit 'cause I wish I'd be able to go NYC oneday:)

I hope you will get there some day, personally I hope to move there some day. It's my goal. Hope you are doing well.

I home the good time continues. I bet it's a bit hot there!


the good times did continue, thanks for the wishes. And actually it wasn't too hot or muggy even, in New York anyway. But as always, it's good to be home. Hope your summer was a good one also.

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