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just a time from now

day by day

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I don't consider myself a writer, but I want to learn how to write well. I want to discuss writing as a process. I love the English language, the manipulation of it, its subtitles, its nuances. My problem is plot, I don't so much want to tell a whole story, as I should, but instead want to paint pictures, little scenes of intense moments. It's this limitation that makes me realize I'm not a writer, I'm just someone who wants to paint with words, and that gets very boring if the story goes on for too long.

I have to have music around me constantly -- how I ever lived without an iPod I'll never know -- watch very little TV, want to learn photoshop, and have been writing my own fiction, which I don't have the guts to post.

I always thought I'd grow up to be an artist and I haven't yet given up the dream, at least not entirely.
I do computer art like these:

painting one


acdsee image



and finally


There's more in my scrapbook galleries.

I'm here to play, to learn and hopefully to maybe even teach just a little.

Lastly, I want to thank the wonderful and generous Ai, also know as zaipixie for my beautiful banners, she not only made them for me but figured out how to get them into my lj layout, talk about going the extra mile.

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